Posted by: nmaximo7 | April 21, 2012

Impossible Brain Teaser

Impossible Brain Teaser is one of the most comprehensive and yet enjoyable brain teaser ever.
Of course, it has arithmetic challenges, not just the classical ones but problems with decimals, fractions, conversion between different base system, even exercises with complex numbers – did I mention it is called impossible for a reason? However, it provides many more activities such as spelling bee, guess word, card memory games, a clon of the classic ‘Simon says’, decode the message, tricky questions, where is it?, spatial problems, etc.
It requires Internet access for the activity where is it?, it uses Google Map Api under the hook.
The program is free and it will remain so forever, it will include ads for supporting the development. Please, be aware, it’s a first release and I have not been able to test it in many real devices. Every bug, suggestions and ideas will be fixed and included as soon as possible.

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